Polar Ignite 3

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Polar Ignite 3 – Find your rhythm
The stylish fitness watch Polar Ignite 3 helps you to go through life with more energy. It tracks your sleep, activity and heart rate to give you personalized tips and feedback tailored to your body and lifestyle.

Sleep tracking features and insights into your daytime energy levels help you make the most of your day and perfect your evening routine. Training suggestions tailored to you and voice guidance in real time support you in your sporting activities. Thanks to Smart Notifications you stay connected at all times. Track all your activity, monitor your sleep and see the metrics that matter most to you on a bright, high-resolution touchscreen display. You can also adapt the widgets to your requirements.

One Size: wrist circumference 135-210 mm
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Polar Ignite 3 – Find your rhythm

The Polar Ignite 3 is a classic-modern fitness watch for a more energetic life. With her as your daily companion, you will receive individual feedback and tips tailored to your body and lifestyle day and night. Sleep tracking features and insights into your daytime energy levels help you make the most of your day and perfect your evening routine. Training suggestions tailored to you and voice guidance in real time support you in your sporting activities. See the data that matters most to you on the bright, high-resolution touchscreen display and customize widgets. Thanks to Smart Notifications you stay connected at all times.

SleepWise™ and SleepGate

Living in harmony with your inner rhythm begins with sleep. SleepWise™ takes the established Polar sleep features and takes it one step further. The function combines the amount, quality and timing of sleep with the internal rhythm and individual sleep needs, analyzes the sleep-wake cycle and determines cognitive alertness for the day ahead. Every morning, Polar Ignite 3 shows how sleep affects your energy and alertness throughout the day to better understand when it’s the best time for focused activity or when it’s time to wind down. SleepGate determines the optimal time to go to bed and displays the optimal sleep window.

Quick access widgets

The Polar Ignite 3 dashboard can be customized so that you can quickly access the data that is most interesting at any given moment. This can be weather data, heart rate data, activity summary or other data. With the widgets, the display can be personalized and adapted to colors, styles and even matching bracelets.

Voice guidance

With the new voice guidance, Polar Ignite 3 offers real-time feedback during training and important training data via the phone loudspeakers or connected headphones, so you always know exactly how you are performing. This will help you stay focused and minimize distractions during your workout. Voice guidance is always available when Polar Ignite 3 is connected to Polar Flow app.

Music control

The Polar Ignite 3 connects to the music app on the smartphone you carry with you and enables music control without having to pick up the smartphone.

Fitness Tests

No matter what your current fitness level is and where the fitness journey is headed, the Polar Ignite 3 can be used to check your fitness level with simple but scientifically based tests. Depending on the needs and physical condition, the fitness level can be tested with the fitness test, the walking test or the running performance test.


DThe FitSpark function offers individually tailored training sessions based on factors such as fitness level, recovery and the condition of the day.


The breakdown of energy sources shows how different energy sources (fats, carbohydrates, proteins) were used during a training session.

Serene™ – Guided breathing exercise

The guided breathing exercise Serene™ in Polar Ignite 3 helps your body and mind to relax, calm down and reduce stress.

Battery & Design

Smart and beautiful – the Polar Ignite 3 is designed for an active lifestyle. The sleek looks, soft curves and large active display area ensure a seamless screen experience. The stainless steel bezel surrounds the durable, curved Gorilla Glass lens that protects a bright, vibrant AMOLED display with touchscreen. At only 35 grams with wristband and an excellent battery life, the Polar Ignite 3 is not only extremely light, but also comfortable to wear day and night and offers up to 5 days of all data of daily use on a single charge, records up to 30 hours Training with GPS and heart rate and with energy saving options even up to 100 hours. With up to 2x faster CPU processor compared to the previous generation, Polar Ignite 3 brings a massive leap in performance that offers a smoother and faster UI experience.
Despite its compact body size, Polar Ignite 3 is equipped with a powerful dual-band GPS for precise positioning and measures distances and track data with maximum precision and less interference from tall buildings and bad weather.

Proven Polar training features

The Polar Ignite 3 contains all of Polar’s sports science know-how. It has the proven training functions and supports the diverse options of Polar Flow, the intelligent training platform.
With integrated GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou, optical heart rate measurement, Sleep Plus Stages, Nightly Recharge, FuelWise, Running Index, running programs, Training Load Pro and many other training functions, the Ignite 3 is the perfect fitness watch for everyone who wants to stay in tune want to live with their inner rhythm and get the most out of their everyday life, training and sleep.

Polar Precision Prime Sensor Fusionstechnologie

The Polar Ignite 3 measures the heart rate directly on the wrist using Polar Precision Prime sensor fusion technology. Polar Ignite 3’s flat-back design allows for closer contact with the skin to keep Polar Precision Prime™ sensor fusion technology delivering industry-leading wrist-based heart rate measurement. 10 LEDs cover a spectrum of wavelengths to achieve deeper light penetration and 4 light sensors detect the light reflected from the vessels. That’s more than accurate. That’s precision.

  • NEW: Hi-Res AMOLED display
  • NEW: Widgets for quick access
  • NEW: Dual Band GPS (L1/L5)
  • NEW: High Speed ​​CPU
  • NEW: Curved Display
  • NEW: Always-On mode
  • Ultra-long battery life: up to 30 hours training time (with GPS and OHR), up to 100 hours in energy-saving mode
  • Lightweight: 35 grams with strap, 21 grams without strap
  • Side control button, stainless steel frame
  • Gorilla Glass 3.0 touch screen
  • Changeable 20 mm – bracelets
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou with Assisted GPS for quick positioning
  • Altitude measurement via GPS
  • Waterproof (WR 30)
  • Smart notifications
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Vibration alarm with snooze function
  • Stopwatch, interval timer & countdown timer

Polar H10/H9 heart rate sensor, Polar Verity Sense optical heart rate sensor


Compatible with all common BLE heart rate sensors Polar Flow, Polar Flow for Coach, Polar Club, Polar Team Pro, 3rd party apps (e.g. Strava, Komoot, Training Peaks, MyFitnessPal)
  • Hi-Res AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3.0 touchscreen
  • Curved display
  • Side control button
  • Resolution: 416x416px
  • Diameter: 32.512 mm / 1.28 inch Technical
Dimensions 43 x 43 x 9,5 mm
Battery life
  • up to 30 hours in training mode (volume GPS and handheld heart rate measurement)
  • up to 5 days in a row with continuous heart rate monitoring (without Smart Notifications)
  • up to 100 hours with various energy saving options
  • Battery 220 mAh Li-Pol (Lithium-Polymer-Accu) What’s in the box Polar Ignite 3 (S-L), specific USB cable for charging and synchronizing, operating instructions Bracelet Size S + M/L (wrist circumference 130-210mm), both sizes included Strap Lenght & Material S + M/L (Handle length 130–210 mm), both sizes in life span measurements.
    silicones; Construction, buttons and clasp from stainless steel Weight 35 grams (with bracelet); 21 grams (without bracelet)
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