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Fitburn is the fitness & lifestyle App that helps you achieve your training goals and promote your healthy and active lifestyles.
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How It Works?

FitBurn rewards you for every ounce of effort you put in and reimburses you for every calorie you burn during your workout. This not only fuels your motivation but also supports your fitness lifestyle with real benefits. Earn rewards with every workout and redeem them for an array of valuable products at our FitBurn-Shop. As a Fitburn member with one of our coveted Member Cards, you unlock maximum rewards and exclusive discounts. Not sure yet? Train as a guest with a Member Card from one of our Fitburners and experience the first rewards that you can use directly in the shop – no strings attached.

The FitBurn Shop

An exciting look into the future.

Beyond being just another online shop for fitness, wellness, and lifestyle products, the FitBurn Shop is where your hard-earned In-App Rewards come to life.
Every reward you earn through your workout can be redeemed here for valuable products. We strive to provide you with an extensive variety of options, and as a startup, we are continuously innovating and adding new products to enhance your shopping experience. Our vision is to simplify and automate the onboarding process for shop partners, enabling us to offer an unparalleled shopping journey with virtually limitless choices.

The FitBurn Product Lines

Fair, sustainable and 100% “made in Germany”

In addition to products from renowned partners, our FitBurn Shop offers our exclusive product lines.
FitBurn Supplements are crafted with the highest quality standards, ensuring they are 100% “Made in Germany.”
Delicious taste and stylish packaging add an element of fun to their effectiveness.

The FitBurn Fashion Collection is more than just merchandise; it’s a must-have for every Fit Burner and just looks stylish.
Produced ethically and sustainably in Europe, these garments are a fashion statement that complements your active lifestyle.
A first design line is currently available, in a small, coveted edition.
But of course, we continuously expand and refine our product lines based on your feedback, ensuring you get products you truly love.